Kiyomi Toda-Burke
Cotton Candy

Brooklyn Floss

Welcome to Brooklyn Floss!

I am the founder, Kiyomi Toda-Burke. I started Brooklyn Floss in 2014, but its origins began in my childhood in Japan with the festival tradition of Matsuri. Although there were parades with elaborate floats, game and souvenir booths, the real draw for me was always the amazing regional food. Most enchanting were the aromas coming from the cotton candy booths. Nothing captured my attention more than the excitement and delight of the vendor swirling the sweet floss around each delicious cone.

At Brooklyn Floss, we bring those sweet memories back to life with our interactive, fascinating exhibition of turning ordinary, granulated sugar into a fluffy, sticky delight. I hope you’ll find as much nostalgia in this treat as I do, and enjoy introducing the awe-inspiring transformation of sugar to floss to the next generation.

Kiyomi Toda-Burke